Road Emergency Tips - Brake Fails | Jammed Accelerator | Tyre Blowout

There are conditions when driving with car that out of your control. It is usually relates with parts malfunction or brake failure.

Do not panic, read below to gain more knowledge and practice to properly react to a specific emergency.


Brake Fails

Slow Down Your Car and Park at a Safe Parking Space

  1. Instead of slamming the brakes and holding your foot there, pump the brake pedal rapidly and hard several times to help build enough pressure to stop your car.
  2. Shift to a low gear to perform engine brake. Let your car ease into a slow stop.
  3. Use parking brake or the hand brake. Avoid pulling it directly in a quick motion.
    Keep your hand on the brake to help control the car, and avoid wheels from locking.

Jammed Accelerator

Your accelerator may sometimes be stuck at a certain point, causing your car to jump forward in sudden acceleration. It may be caused by a misstep on the wrong pedal or a loose floor mat.

Remember, your brakes are designed to stop a moving car, no matter how fast it’s going.

Try slapping the accelerator from the side with your foot to get it loose.
If that doesn’t work, try these tips:

  1. Shift into neutral. Most modern cars have engine speed limiters to prevent damage, and it’s better to have damage to your car than crashing into someone or something.
  2. Brake moderately to come to a slow stop. Most brakes can overpower your engine, but over braking may cause your wheels to lock if you don’t have Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS).
  3. In the worst case scenario, turn off your engine. It should stop the increasing acceleration, and give you time to brake to a slow stop.

Tyre Blowout

A bursting tyre can be a huge panic for most drivers, but with the right knowledge, you can handle it like a pro. While most of the usual drivers on the road will attempt to immediately drive to the side, you should accelerate straight ahead to control your car.

When your tyre blows, you should try these tips:

  1. Accelerate for a quick moment. It will help you regain control of your car instead of crashing into another lane. Release the accelerator gently and smoothly while steering straight.
  2. Allow your car to coast or slow down without the brakes as you gently ease into the emergency lane. Squeeze the brakes lightly if you have to.

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